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How does the IECP Prepare you for Success?

Students working on a teambuilding exercisestudents touring Penn State's  Radiation Science and Engineering CenterThe IECP is all about preparing you for success in academic studies! We do that by providing core courses in Literacies (academic reading and writing) and Interactions (academic oral communication). These classes provide you with opportunities to practice the tasks you will actually encounter in a university: lectures, readings, essays, but also conversations, interviews, and chats with professors. In addition, we provide specialized grammar courses that provide you with the real grammar you actually need to refine your work in the Literacies and Interactions classes.

In addition to these core and grammar course, student can elect to study test prep skills or apply their academic English in classes such as short-fiction, inter-cultural communication, technology, and engineering.

The IECP curriculum is special because it puts students in contact with current Penn Staters who are already enrolled in academic programs at the university. Moreover, students have the opportunity to observe Penn State classes in their future majors. IECP students find these experiences extremely helpful in preparing them for what to expect as an undergrad or graduate student.

Once you’ve passed our highest level, you can enroll in two IECP courses AND two Penn State classes for non-credit as a non-degree student. Once you gain admission to Penn State, you can have those courses transferred as credits towards your degree.