Onward to Penn State (Concurrent-enrollment)

Onward to Penn State (Concurrent-enrollment)

The Onward to Penn State, or Dual-Enrollment option, is not the same as the IECP Certification. However, the Onward to Penn State option works in conjunction with the IECP Certification. For IECP Certification, students must successfully pass all IECP classes during their final semester, including electives or special topics courses.

Important Information

  • The Onward to Penn State option is available to IECP students who have completed AL140, Ai140, or both.
  • IECP students take (a) an IECP core and grammar component as well as an elective course and (b) two Penn State courses.
  • While dual-enrolled, the IECP maintains a student’s I-20, so it is imperative that students attend all IECP classes and complete coursework as expected. Dual-enrolled students may be dismissed from the IECP and have their I-20 cancelled just like other IECP students!
  • If you are a sponsored student, please ensure that your sponsor will pay for dual-enrollment courses.
  • Penn State classes completed while in the IECP are not for credit.  However, these courses are part of your permanent record and count towards your Penn State Grade Point Average (GPA). They will appear on official university transcripts.
  • Dual-enrolled students must provide the IECP evidence of enrollment status.
  • Dual-enrollment is an option for only one semester.
  • Don’t wait! After the semester starts, it is too late to benefit from this option.

Steps for dual-enrollment

1 – Meet with the IECP Director

2 – Get Letter of Permission and visit Registrar’s Office

3 – Pay for classes

4 – Provide proof of enrollment in Penn State classes to IECP

STEP 1: Meet with the IECP Director

1. Make an appointment with the IECP Director, Dr. Litzenberg, by emailing him directly (jjl53@psu.edu).

2. After demonstrating to the IECP Director that you understand the options and that you are completing the necessary obligations for dual-enrollment, the IECP will order a Letter of Permission for you from Global Programs.

STEP 2: Get Letter of Permission and visit Registrar’s Office

1. Global Programs (UOGP) provides a Letter of Permission to the student. 

2. The IECP emails the student when the letter is ready for pick up (Student ID needed!). The usual wait period is about 3 days.

3. Students take the Letter of Permission to Registrar’s Office in the Shields Building to begin registration process.

4. Apply to the Registrar’s office using the Non-Degree Student Application.

You want to complete this application as soon as possible!

Please note that after choosing Penn State classes, you must work with the University Registrar to ensure that you are registered and enrolled in these classes. The IECP cannot enroll you in these classes! 

STEP 3: Pay for classes

1. Sponsored students need permission from their sponsor and must deliver two forms to the UOGP Sponsored Student Office:

  • Sponsor Release Form
  • Sponsor Student Information Form

Note: You may be charged a $500 Sponsored Student fee by Penn State.

2. If you need the IECP to contact your sponsor, complete a Letter Request Form in the IECP office.

3. Course fees for the IECP and Penn State are billed separately.

STEP 4: Provide proof of enrollment in Penn State classes to IECP 

Deliver evidence (eg, a screenshot or photocopy) of your enrollment in courses to the IECP Director as soon as possible. This step is critical to maintain your legal visa status!