The IECP offers two 8-week terms during the fall and spring (16 weeks total) as well as on 8-week summer session each year.

Important Dates

 Term# of WeeksDatesApplication DeadlineMandatory Orientation Classes BeginClasses End

Fall 2023


8 WeeksAugusts 21 – October 12July 7 (Friday)August 16 & 17August 21 (Monday)October 12 (Thursday)


8 WeeksOctober 16 – December 14August 18 (Friday)October 11 & 12October 16 (Monday)December 14 (Thursday)
Spring 2024

Spring -18 weeksJanuary 8 – February 27November 10 (Friday)January 3 & 4January 8 (Monday)February 27 (Tuesday)
Spring -28 weeksMarch 11 – April 30January 19 (Friday)March 6 & 7March 11 (Monday)April 30 (Tuesday)
Summer 2024
Summer (one term only!)8 weeksMay 20 – July 3April 5 (Friday)May 15 & 16May 20 (Monday)July 3 (Wednesday)
Fall 2024 


8 WeeksAugust 26 – October 15July 12 (Friday)August 21 & 22August 26 (Monday)October 15 (Tuesday)


8 WeeksOctober 21 – December 17August 30 (Friday)October 16 & 17October 21 (Monday)December 17 (Tuesday)

Note”: Each semester consists of two 8-week terms (Term-1 and Term-2). Students must complete a minimum of two terms to receive Certification. 

New Applicants

New applicants outside the U.S.: Visa processing can take up to 4 weeks. New students outside the U.S. who need a Penn State I-20 to obtain a student visa should submit all application materials NO LATER THAN 2 MONTHS before the IECP arrival day.

Transfer Students

Transfer students currently in the U.S.: Transfer students currently living in the U.S. must submit all application materials (including a copy of your current I-20) no later than 1 MONTH before the IECP arrival day.

  • Provide grade reports/transcripts from current IEP.
  • Call the current IEP to ask about attendance or other problems—often find that the student’s status has been terminated by the program.
  • Transfer students who have failed their last semester at a previous IEP must pass their first semester at the IECP or face dismissal. Transfer students who have passed their last semester are subject to the same 2-semester-fail you’re out rule.
  • Sponsor students: Essential to get the start date of the FG for a transfer student – usually speak with their advisor once students arrive.
  • Ask the current IEP if the student is eligible to be re-admitted – this usually demonstrates whether they have grade or attendance issues.

Course Schedule


All costs described here are in U.S. dollars.happy students on campus

Application Fee   

All applicants must pay a $350 application fee. This fee is nonrefundable and does not apply to IECP tuition.


To pay online with a Visa or Mastercard, please following the online instructions after you have completed your application.  You may use the online payment option after you have submitted your application.  In addition, you may contact iecpadmissions@psu.edu or call the office at 814-865-7550 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Eastern standard time in order to pay by credit card. You must contact the IECP office about wire/telex transfers.

Cash payments may be made in person during regular office hours.

Tuition and Living Expenses

IECP collects tuition payments directly during Orientation Week.

Penn State’s IECP 2024 estimated costs for full-time students

Estimates are based on a full semester (Terms 1 and 2)

 TermTuitionBooks & SuppliesLiving ExpensesHealth Insurance

Term Total

Semester Total




Spring 1$3800$200$3800$1870$9670$19,340
Spring 2$3800$3800$9670

Summer 2024

(One Term Only)$3800$200$3800$2150$9950




Fall 1$4000$200$3800$2150$10,150$20,300
Fall 2$4000$3800$10,150

 * No purchase necessary if Spring Semester insurance already purchased

For dependents

Estimated additional insurance and living expenses are as follows:

For a full year

  • A spouse: $12,130 estimated
  • A child: $9330 first and second child, $4000 each additional child estimated

For a semester

  • A spouse: $5000 to $4500 estimated, depending on semester
  • A child: $3500 to $4200 estimated, depending on semester

NOTE: There is a 10% part-time student fee on tuition (included in part-time costs at time of payment).


The IECP recommends the Global Engagement Community (GEC) on-campus housing option. 

Refund Policy

The $350 application fee is nonrefundable (except in cases of visa denial).

If a student is dismissed from the program, no tuition will be refunded.

If a student withdraws from the program, a tuition refund will be made based on the week of the semester. Notification of withdrawal should be made in writing and delivered to the IECP office. The date on which the written notification is received by the IECP will determine the amount of the refund. Please see the current IECP Handbook for details about the IECP Tuition Refund Policy.

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