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IECP Certification

IECP Certification

IECP Certification serves as an alternative to the TOEFL or IELTS for international students to meet Penn State admission’s language requirement.

What is IECP Certification?

International students seeking admission to Penn State must meet an English proficiency requirement. Refer to International Requirements: Penn State English Language Proficiency for undergraduate admission. Refer to departmental websites and graduate admissions procedures for your specific graduate program for requirements. Graduate applications are processed by individual graduate departments. The PSU Graduate School accepts IECP Certification, but specific graduate programs have different requirements.

One way to meet the English Language Proficiency requirement is to receive the required TOEFL or IELTS score. Another way is to receive IECP Certification. IECP Certification can be issued to meet the English Language Proficiency Requirement for undergraduate or graduate admission.

IECP Certification is an official statement saying that the program believes the student has the English language proficiency and positive student behaviors necessary for undergraduate or graduate study at Penn State. In addition to simply evaluating English proficiency, as the TOEFL does, we also take into consideration the individual’s academic standing as a student in our program.

Certification is never automatic. IECP Certification decisions are based on IECP grades and a sustained record of performance in meeting IECP Student Responsibilities (see the IECP Student Handbook).

How do I earn IECP Certification?

Applicants must be in ALL level-140 classes, including electives/special topics courses, to be eligible for certification. Students must complete a full semester of 140-level classes; individuals who join during a Spring-II term, for instance, must also complete a Summer-I or Fall-I term.

Students on  the Onward to Penn State track must be in one 140-core, one 140-grammar, and a module, and must successfully complete all undergraduate Onward courses. 

Spring 2022: Requirements for Undergraduates and Graduate Students

  • Contact the IECP Director, Dr. Jason Litzenberg ( no later than Wednesday, April 13, 20221
  • Remember: In order to receive Certification, students must pass all level-140 classes, including the special topics course.
  • Important! Graduate students: Certification is not accepted by all graduate programs. Please contact Dr. Jason Litzenberg as soon as possible in order to work with the Department/Program and ensure that Certification is accepted.

When will I learn about my Certification result?

Decisions are announced when final grades are submitted, no earlier than Tuesday, July 27, 2021. The IECP emails the student with the result. All Certification decisions are final.

The IECP automatically notifies Undergraduate Admissions and The Graduate School of IECP Certification.

IECP Certification decisions are final and certification is valid for two semesters.

IECP Certification Policies

Questions about IECP Certification policies and procedures should be directed to IECP Director Dr. Jason Litzenberg.

  • Students who are repeating a course MUST pass the course to earn certification even if they passed the same course in a previous semester.

Grounds for disqualification:

  • Acts of plagiarism in classes
  • Excessive absences or tardies (See Attendance Policy)
  • Unsatisfactory Progress Reports (academic and behavioral)
  • Failure to meet ALL Certification deadlines