Penn State Conditional Acceptance

Penn State Conditional Acceptance

Who can apply for Conditional Acceptance?

International students who are currently enrolled in the IECP at Penn State may request to be considered for a conditional acceptance offer. The requirements for a conditional offer include:

    • Must be a current IECP student. That is, students must be living in State College and must be regularly attending IECP classes. The IECP does not have remote or virtual options.

    • Must meet all of Penn State’s admission requirements except language proficiency.


How do I request Conditional Acceptance?

    1. Complete and submit a Penn State Application. Please be sure to visit Penn State’s website for information to international applicants.
    2. For assistance with completing your application to Penn State, please visit the IECP Student Center. We have experienced tutors who are familiar with the application processes and are excited to help! Please check the Student Center website for current hours.
    3. Complete the IECP Conditional Acceptance Form. This step is essential for informing the Admissions Office that you are an IECP student. Without this form, your application will be processed as all other international applicants and will be rejected without evidence of language proficiency.
    4. Wait. Admissions decisions are made approximately every 6-8 weeks.  Quite naturally, you are anxious to learn the results of your Penn State application, but these processes require time.
    5. Do not visit the Admissions Office unless given specific permission from the IECP Director.  Please email your concern to Dr. Jason Litzenberg if you would like to request a visit to the Admissions Office.


Important considerations

  • You may fulfill the language requirement for admission to Penn State via any of the regular means. Once you have completed the language requirement, your Conditional Offer will be amended into a full offer. The most effective and efficient means for IECP students to meet the language requirement is through Certification.
  • You must be a current IECP student. Conditional offers cannot be made to non-IECP international students or even future IECP students who have been accepted to the IECP but have not yet started the program.
  • Be patient.  The IECP updates its list of students who have applied to Penn State one time every week.  The admissions Office then needs time to process — they will not work fast because you have a deadline (e.g., the office does not work fast because “I need an acceptance letter for my sponsor”).
  • This Conditional Acceptance process does not guarantee acceptance to University Park campus. It is not uncommon for students to be offered the 2+2 program (2 years at a Commonwealth campus + 2 years at University Park), or to be offered another campus entirely. 
  • All admissions decisions are final — once the Admissions Office has made a decision, it cannot be changed. You have opportunity to accept or reject the offer, but you cannot negotiate changes to the decision.