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IECP Appeal Form for Students

Current IECP students should first consult with their instructor for questions or concerns regarding end-of-semester grades. If the situation remains unresolved, students may use this form to initiate a grade dispute.

Students may appeal academic or administrative decisions by submitting this form and its requirements. An appeal of grades MUST be submitted NO LATER THAN one week following the posting of final grades. The form and materials will be reviewed by an anonymous committee of IECP faculty. The decision of the IECP Appeals Committee is final.

Subject of Appeal

Supporting Attachments
If you are appealing your GRADE--Please upload AT LEAST TWO samples of your written work in .doc, .docx, or .pdf (paragraphs, essays, for example) that demonstrates your proficiency. Samples of your work MUST be from the class whose grade you are appealing. If you are appealing your DISMISSAL—Please provide any evidence to support you appeal.

Video/Audio Files

If you need to submit video or audio files of your work, please email them to  with the Subject line: Appeal Materials. If the file is too large to send via email, we will contact you about uploading them to a folder.