IECP Course Offerings

The IECP offers courses in Academic Interactions (Ai), Academic Literacies (AL), and a series of rotating electives.  All courses are focused on academic English to help students prepare to study at institutions of higher learning in the U.S.  We also have several elective options available depending on student’s level.

The IECP curriculum engages students in theme-based instruction around selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). 

Utilizing open-source materials from a variety of perspectives and voices, IECP teachers facilitate critical, student-centered, action-oriented, experiential learning and embrace plurilinguistic repertoires. 

Our aim is to enable students to understand, expand, and apply sustainable development perspectives while mastering and improving relevant language skills.


Core courses:

  • Academic Interactions: A course in academic oral communication in a variety of contexts. Feedback on content, pronunciation and pragmatics is a fundamental component of the course, and opportunity is given for speaking practice in a variety of genres.
  • Academic Literacies: A course in academic reading and writing. Feedback on content, organization, and cohesion is a fundamental component of the course, and opportunity is given for reading, writing, and incorporating sources in a variety of genres.

Elective courses (Selected sample):

  • Science: Focuses on content and language within academic sciences fields
  • Humanities: Focuses on content and language within academic humanities fields
  • U.S. InstitutionsFocuses on content and language related to U.S government, law, and civics
  • Spelling & Pronunciation:  Focuses on spelling and letter/sound relationships in English
  • Reading Fluency & Discussion: Focuses on strategies for more fluent reading in English
  • Modern Topics: Involves extensive listening and student projects oriented around current themes
  • Intermediate/Advanced Grammar: A traditional grammar course for understanding grammatical patterns.


The IECP has 4 levels:

  • Level 130: High Intermediate-1
  • Level 140: High Intermediate-2
  • Level 150: Advanced-1
  • Level 160: Advanced-2

Each level is one 8-week term; there are two terms per semester. 

Level placement is based on an in-house placement exam administered during new student orientation.  Based on the test results, IECP students are placed in the appropriate level. Students move from one level to the next by earning a grade of B (83) or higher.