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Yu Lu

Yu Lu

Adjunct Teaching Faculty

112 W Fsoter Ave, Suite 401
State College , PA 16801


Lu Yu is a PhD candidate in Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education. She has had teaching and mentoring experiences at undergraduate and graduate levels in Chinese and American educational contexts, including teaching English to EFL students at Beijing Foreign Studies University, and courses on teaching English language learners and second language education at Penn State. Her research interests include second and foreign language learning, Vygotskian sociocultural theory and second language development, Dynamic Assessment, and second language writing.

Selected publications:                                                     

Yu, L. (2020). Investigating L2 writing through tutor-tutee interactions and revisions: A case study of a multilingual writer in EAP tutorials. Journal of Second Language Writing, 48, 100709.

Poehner, M. E., Qin, T., & Yu, L. (2019). Dynamic assessment: Co-constructing the future with English language learners. In Gao, X. (Ed.), Second handbook of English language teaching (pp. 455-476). Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.

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Yu, L. (2018). Review of Loewen, S. (2015), Introduction to instructed second language acquisition. Language and Sociocultural Theory, 5(1), 72-79.

Yu, N., Yu, L., & Lee, Y. (2017). Primary metaphors: Importance as size and weight in a comparative perspective. Metaphor and Symbol, 32(4): 231-249.

Yu, L. (2015). Reexamining motive in L2 oral proficiency development: An activity theory perspective. Language and Sociocultural Theory, 2(1), 85-117.

Selected presentations:

Yu, L. (2021). Dynamic assessment of L2 writing: Diagnosing and tracing learner emerging abilities in the ZPD. The 19th World Congress of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA 2021). Virtual Conference, August 15-21.

Yu, L., & Poehner, M. E. (2021). Developing L2 writing abilities through an instructional enrichment program informed by dynamic assessment. The American Association for Applied Linguistics 2021 Conference (AAAL-2021). Virtual Conference, March 20-23.

Poehner, M. E., & Yu, L. (2021). Dynamic assessment of L2 writing: Exploring the potential of rubrics in diagnosing learner emerging abilities. The American Association for Applied Linguistics 2021 Conference (AAAL-2021). Virtual Conference, March 20-23.

Yu, L., & Poehner, M. E. (2019). Dynamic assessment of academic writing among L2 learners of English. The 18th Symposium on Second Language Writing. Tempe, AZ. November 13-16.

 Poehner, M. E., & Yu, L. (2018). Construct development in L2 dynamic assessment.   Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Learning Conference. Pittsburg, PA. November 1-3.

Yu, L. (2018). Investigating L2 writing through tutor-tutee interaction and revision: A longitudinal case study. The American Association for Applied Linguistics 2018 Conference (AAAL-18). Chicago, IL. March 24-27.

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Yu, L. (2016). Analyzing L2 oral proficiency development through the interplay between social interaction and intrapersonal mediation: A longitudinal case study. XXIII Sociocultural Theory & Second Language Learning Research Working Group Meeting. University of South Florida, Tampa, FL. November 3-5.