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E. Deb Leo

E.  Deb Leo

Adjunct Teaching Faculty


Debbie has taught college level ESL classes for 20 years and she began her career in NJ, teaching at Mercer Community College as an adjunct professor in a comprehensive ESL program. The focus of the program was to prepare students for college level English 101. She developed curriculum for several courses including a two-part pronunciation course designed for academic and professional purposes and was instrumental in the restructuring of the college’s ESL program. Through the community college, she also worked as a workplace consultant, conducting ESL and English pronunciation courses focusing on job related topics and skills. In addition, Debbie worked as adjunct professor for The College of New Jersey in the TESL Certification program, providing educators with a foundation for classroom instruction in teaching English language learners. Upon her move to State College, Debbie has become an active member of Global Connections, a community-based organization promoting intercultural connections, through which she leads an international reading group for women. Debbie is excited to be a part of the IECP team at Penn State, her undergraduate alma mater. She also earned her MS in Communication Sciences from Rutgers University and her TESL certification from the College of New Jersey.