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Alex Magnuson

Alex Magnuson

Graduate Assistant Faculty



Alex Magnuson is a doctoral candidate (ABD) in Applied Linguistics at Penn State University. His current research interests include how different types of practice, within a Skill Acquisition theoretical framework, can enhance L2 performance. Prior to his research at PSU, he taught in a variety of schools, levels, and contexts including: university-level academic writing and SLA theory, high school English (grades 7-12), TESOL K-12, and EFL. Since 2009, he has taught in Ohio, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Tokushima, Japan. Alex has been affiliated with the Intensive English Communication Program (IECP) since 2016 as both a teaching assistant and an adjunct instructor.


Selected Publications:

Magnuson, A. K. (2019, February 2019). Review: Language Acquisition: Ćurčić (2018). [Review of the book Explaining differences in adult second language learning: The role of language input characteristics and learners' cognitive aptitudes by M. Ćurčić]. Linguist List, 30.566, Retrieved from

Magnuson, A. K., McManus, K., & Marsden, E. (2019). Using tailored input-based instruction to improve second language oral production. OASIS Summary of McManus & Marsden (2019) in The Modern Language Journal.


Selected Conference Presentations:

Magnuson, A. K. (2020, October). Testing the skill-specificity hypothesis: Comprehension practice in L2 German. Paper accepted at the Second Language Research Forum (SLRF), Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

Schreibeisen, S. C. & Magnuson, A. K. (2020, April). “I was terrified beyond belief!” How epistemic stance and believability is indexed in televised paranormal encounters. Scheduled paper presentation at the Popular Culture Association National Conference, Philadelphia, PA. (Conference cancelled)

Magnuson, A. K. (2018, March). Moving on from failure: Competing narratives of the Nintendo Switch’s potential success. Paper presented at the Popular Culture Association National Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

Magnuson, A. K. (2017, November). The Donald’s Discourse: An analysis of the grammatical complexity and related structures within Donald Trump’s debate performance. Paper presented at the APLNG Roundtable, University Park, PA.