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Sukyeong, Korea

The amount of improvement in English proficiency I made is beyond my expectation. I couldn’t order a cup of coffee at Starbucks but now it became my daily routine. I couldn’t even write a half page but now I can write as much as I want.
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Sukyeong, Korea

I considered lots of things before I came here including the study environment and safety, cost of living, weather, etc. State College is a university town so the environment and security levels are really great. Also, the cost of living is relatively not high compared to Seoul. Also, State College is really clean. 

-       I’m happy with IECP because First, IECP provides an ideal curriculum for international students. This program is housed under applied linguistics at Penn State. Therefore, it helps students not only adapt to the U.S culture but also give chances of experiencing real U.S. university class and life on campus. Second, the name of IECP itself also influenced me to choose this program.  I felt that I can really concentrate on English study and it’s been really “intensive” like the name. 

This program is really intensive as its name says. That is the most attractive aspect of IECP.

It isn’t the kind of intensive program which makes you spend considerable time at school for taking classes. IECP provides a total of four courses. The amount of time that I spend on campus is around 5 hours a day. There might be a difference among people, but I feel that it isn’t too long time. IECP offers high-quality classes and the faculty members of IECP also emphasize the self-directed learning of student. Because I learn something at a very slow rate, I spend 70% of my waking hour studying besides taking classes. I’m happy because I feel that I have a meaningful time here.

Actually, I planned to return to my country after finishing this program. However, after observing a class on Politics, which was my major, as one of IECP assignments, I thought that it would be great to pursue a graduate degree here.