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Abdulrahman, Yemen

I learned from my peers who became my friends as the semester progressed how to make a supportive community inside the class and outside it. I used to get so very worried when I gave a presentation or even talked, just because I used to be afraid of making a mistake; however, I know with their support I could develop a part of my personality that can never worry about making mistakes.
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Abdulrahman, Yemen

It’s an honor for me to share my attitude and experience with the IECP.

It all started when I came to State College on Saturday, August 16th. Getting lost more than five times throughout the first three days until I memorized the map of downtown. I can remember when they greeted us in The Nittany Lion Inn in 18th of August. I know that almost all of you think history and its dates are boring. I just mentioned them showing how I and--I think all student of IECP--can never forget its beautiful days. When I look towards the mirror now, I can see another person who is so much different from the one before I came here. I’m not talking about how I look, because I didn’t change anything yet (I might change my hairstyle in the future). I’m talking about the personality that I’ve been developing since the moment I came here. It’s not just about English! It’s about life! I have been developing the American part of me. I learned that there is no the best person but being yourself is the best thing. I also have developed my ability of reversing my mistakes not only in writing but also in life.  I have learned how to explain, summarize and interact. With this, I learned that study itself isn’t exciting. However, when it’s applied, we really live very exciting moments in our life. I’m sure that each student has learned other things from their IECP teachers, not just the English language. 

Abdulrahman, Yemen, currently a Penn State student in Industrial Engineering