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Student Visa

Important Information about U.S. Student Visas
  1. You must make an appointment with the U.S. embassy in your country or with the nearest U.S. consulate for a student visa interview. Contact the embassy or consulate as soon as possible to make your appointment. You will need your SEVIS number to make an appointment. 
    • For a list of embassies and consulates, check here.
    • To see the wait time for student visa issuance, check here.
  2. Before your appointment date you must:
    • have received your I-20 form
    • have paid the SEVIS fee
    • have filled out the visa application form
  3. You must take to your interview:
    • your passport and I-20 form
    • a photograph
    • your SEVIS payment receipt
    • your completed visa application form
    • your financial documents showing you have enough money to live and study in the United States (affidavit of support, bank records for you or your sponsor)
  4. About the interview:
    • The interview will be very short—perhaps one to two minutes.

Be prepared to tell the consular officer:

  • why you want to study English in the United States
  • why you want to study in the IECP
  • your plans after you finish studying English at the IECP
  • about the strong ties you have with your country—for example, close family members who will stay in your country, your career plans in your country, family members who have returned to your country
  • Listen carefully to the questions. If you don't understand, ask the consular officer to repeat or explain the question.
  • Answer each question truthfully.

We strongly suggest that you learn more about the U.S. student visa process. 
You can do this by going to

To learn about how to pay the SEVIS fee, go to